Monday, February 18, 2013

My New Website

Dear friends I am extremely happy to welcome you all on my new website. I hope you all find it interesting & easy to surf through the images displayed. I was busy from almost month & half for putting it to work.  Though the interface provided by Zenfolio is easy & I don't have to go through any coding but I was having zero knowledge about getting a custom domain & a website. I was mostly busy in customizing, understanding the tools provided & most important selecting, sorting, metadata editing, re-touching (for a few) & uploading images.
Many of you might have a question in your mind "Why I needed a website now?" I can understand that because I asked that question to myself many times before. As most of you know I share my images on Flickr / Facebook & 500px. Unfortunately I have gone through image library data corruption 3-4 months back. More on that may be in different blog. That accident gifted me some sleepless nights under the fear how secured my favorite images are? I was so much frustrated when I came to know the PC was having some serious problem & corrupting my backup drive when connected for restoring the images. In that process sometimes I felt it will be better even if I can get my full size images in JPG format in lieu of RAW images. I thought of using some paid cloud services like dropbox, Gmail drive etc. Later I thought instead of putting the images simply online why not to display on a website?
I am not comfortable uploading full size images on flickr/facebook/500px & even if I decided to do it I have to put permanent watermark on it. Many sites compress the images. Zenfolio offers to put a virtual watermark so that in case of need I can have access to my original file from anywhere & I can share it in case of need. There can be a debate on do photographers really need a watermark? Because having it doesn't make sure it is fully protected. I was interested to have it just for a reason if anybody shares the images it can leave the main source of image if the person doesn't take effort to mention it. I have experienced some of my non-watermarked images floating on net without wrong intentions of the person who is sharing.
Now a days the dropping rates of LCD/LED monitors most of the people are using big screens on which traditional web size image of longest pixel length as 640, 800 or even 1000 might not be big enough to leave the impression it has. These website visitors can enjoy the big size previews & explore the details as much possible. I don't wish to take away that fun from my fans in the fear of image thefts.
I have tried trial period account on smugmug & Zenfolio for 15 days. After playing with all the features I decided to go with Zenfolio. I found the interface more user friendly, easy integration of my blogs & windows file explorer kind of file management. I put hard efforts for customizing the available template suitable for my taste. I created a menu such that visitors can switch to any category of images from any page. I also added some custom pages giving information about my equipments etc.
I make a wish all results well giving a nice gift to my fans. Please don't be shy to point out any mistakes & suggestions for better improvement. I will put my sincere efforts for all practically possible modifications. I will also request you to share this website with your friends if you liked it.
In case you wish to create your own website on Zenfolio you can use my referral code for getting some discount which can also help me to get few reward points. The referral code is 139-F15-3QZ

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlisted !

Dear friends just received mail from the that my image " The Rush" was being shortlisted in top 50 photographs in Travel category in 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.

This image has been commended (top 50) in the Travel Category.  The commended gallery will go live on the website by 11pm GMT on 5th February. mentions to me " Being a commended photographer is an outstanding achievement with over 54,851 images entered from 170 countries and your image stood out to the judges.  As a commended photographer, your image will be shown digitally at Somerset House at the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition from 26th April - 12th May, 2013." 

 EXIF Data: 1.3 sec , f16, ISO 100, 17mm

This image was captured in my Betterphotography Magazines face off contest for better photographer of the year 2012. It was taken on Dadar railway station of Mumbai in morning before office hours elaborating the rush & hurry of people. The local train has became integral part of Mumbai & the peoples lifestyle.

The funny thing in this episode was I got a message prior to this mail that I was shortlisted in top 10. To my fortune I missed that mail because after 8-10 hours it was followed with apology for correction this as commended photographer instead of 10 shortlisted entries ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creating Abstracts by Paper Published

Dear friends my article on creating abstracts using paper has been published in the UK based magazine of photography "Digital SLR Photography".

It's nice to see their interest in my paper abstract work & imitative for publishing the tips & techniques about this work in the magazine along with my other images in the new year issue of Jan 2013. I am really privileged for this providing this platform to me to the Jordan Butters (Features Writer) &  Caroline Wilkinson ( Features Editor) of this magazine.

I will like to thank you all for you kind support & appreciating my images on Flickr, Facebook & elsewhere.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunset Point Published

I am happy to share with you all that my photograph taken at the sunset point of Pachmarhi was published in the National Geographic Traveler India launching magazine in July 2012 issue.

This photograph was taken at the sunset point of Rajendra Giri in 2009. The people in the image are sunset viewers. Photograph is taken with two  split gradual density ND filters (One Tobacco & other neutral). The lens flare is adding to the concept & gives a divine feel to the image.

Exif Data

Camera Canon EOS 400D Digital
Exposure 0.067 sec (1/15)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 20 mm
ISO Speed 100
Exposure Bias +1/3 EV

My Sincere thanks to all of my friends appreciating my work & keep inspiring & motivating me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper Abstract Photography

     Dear friends finally I am able to take some time for sharing the behind the scene secrets on paper abstract work with you all. I hope you will enjoy it & ignore the delayed publication of this article.

How it all started ?

     I love to shoot all subjects which attracts me irrespective of what it is ! I have not yet restricted myself to any specific genre in the photography. I am not a professional photographer & can only utilize my weekends/holidays time for the hobby. Considering my small kid "Manas" which is now around 15 months old I had to restrict my freedom for shooting outdoor on weekends. This focused my attention to family portraits, still life & abstracts.

Image 1 : Motion : This shot was taken to convey the feel of motion using still life. During taking this shot for getting the movements of paper I allowed to move the end of papers with the help of ceiling fan. The the ripples on stable glass bottom added virtual feel of motion. This image also adds me the nostalgia effect of the children playing the game of push toy wheel in my childhood days. EXIF:100mm, f/11, 1/40 sec, ISO 800 

Image 2:  Delicate Curves: Using color papers & white papers can add interesting reflections of color on the white papers. This shot is extreme closeup of folds of papers showing delicate curves. It may appear as closeup of a door handle due to the shape & colors gradation. EXIF:100mm,f/5.6.1/80 sec, ISO 400 

     I was struggling to fulfill my thrust for the hobby due to stopped outdoor activity.  One day while surfing through online photo galleries I came across beautiful abstract work done by a photographer using everyday subject. I found it really inspiring & as a solution for my need, indoor photography. I started shooting on paper abstract work. I was enjoying it & what's more it  was getting very well appreciated by my friends. That  helped me to focus even more on this interesting genre of abstract photography. I simply love the feeling of getting myself lost while observing the beauty of these papers in various forms & colors through the viewfinder of my camera during shooting :)  
     I am sharing this just to illustrate how the inspiration can come from anywhere. The important thing is that we have to keep observing & explore opportunities to do photography. Whenever I came across a photograph appealing to me, I like to keep myself asking why I like it? I like to observe the creative use of elements by the photographers even cinematographers while watching movies.
Needed  Equipments ?

     I use following equipments:
Camera : Canon EOS-5D Mark II
Lens : Canon EF-100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
Subject: Printing papers, color papers, color drawing sheets
Light: one or two strobes/ daylight/ studio light

Image 3: Paper Swan :The color paper arranged in a pattern to form the shape of a swan. I applied duo tone effect to give importance more to the shape than colors in the images. The choice of color adds subtle & delicate feel of the swan shape. EXIF: 100mm, f/5.6, 1/160 sec, ISO 400
Image 4: paper Waveform : I wished to create the shapes like waveforms using the papers. I used different color papers with the side light for adding more depth in the image. For getting such kind of shapes my technical side in electronics engineering helps me. This image was shortlisted in top 30 images earlier in Digital camera world  international photography contest photographer of the year 2011 in "Creative License" category. EXIF: 100mm, f/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO 400
     Don't be disappointed if you don't have very high end equipment or SLR camera. Any SLR camera with macro lens can work for this subject. Point & shoot cameras are not recommended considering the high depth of field. But now a days various closeup filters are also available for a point & shoot camera for doing macro work. 5D offers me more benefits considering nice gradual color tones & a bit more shallow depth of field by the virtue of it's large sensor size. If macro lens is not available then extension tube can also be used with the lens like 50mm/f1.8. 

How I do it? 
  You jumped directly to this section, isn't it? I can understand your curiosity :) I was really surprised when I was getting inquiries about how I do it? This was simply because I was not following any extraordinary techniques for doing this work. But I guess that's happens when I recall asking myself to the photographers whom I follow about their setups.

Image 5: Magical Curves: This is pure abstract image without any particular shapes with interesting subtle colors. I like the way paper curves mixed up in the formation. To add more that feel I used the colors with less contrast. EXIF: 100mm, f/5.6, 4 sec,ISO 100 
Image 6: Mysterious: This image resembling to a shape with a mysterious feel. The choice of wide open aperture was to add less details & colors in post processing to strengthen the feel of mystery. EXIF: 100mm, f/2.8, 1/10sec, ISO 100 

     It's all about abstract images by taking macro shot of papers exploring beauty of shapes, light & colors with unlimited opportunities. This is about study of interesting shapes & forms in addition with colors by using ordinary subject like papers. Papers can be A4 size printing papers in white & different colors.

Image 7 : Setup after shooting : Well next time I will upload a setup while shooting. I always end up taking the shot after doing my work :). The glass table helps me for using strobes below the subject. Please ignore other subjects not related to the shooting. 

     Usually I place A3 size color drawing sheet on my table  attached with wall forming seamless corner. I try to arrange the 4-6 layers of papers with different color combinations giving interesting patterns. The papers might be tied with paper clips/transparent tape on a end keeping other end free or fixed into another object like stack of books. Use of white papers in between colors can help you to get duo-gradient reflections of color papers on each side. For lighting I use one or two strobes or simple daylight from a window. The arrangement of strobes can result in various interesting output of a same subject. The combination of background paper color & subject is really important. The more contrasting colors can add a punch whereas similar color can add smoothing less contrast images. Mostly a wide open aperture is preferable giving selective focus & nice soft backgrounds.

Image 5: Paper Wave: A simple paper wave shape. Shape similar to the unit of resistance ohm in electronics component. EXIF: 100mm, f/8, 1/8sec, ISO

Image 6: Freedom: Abstract shot with motion blur applied on photograph of paper macro. The blur applied to add the feeling of freedom without any sharp ages & the mixing of colors. EXIF: 100mm, 3.2 sec, f/11, ISO 400 

     The real challenge is to add variations in the patterns & I am still experimenting on that. There is huge scope to explore much more on this. The interesting curves, paper layers & shapes can look monotonous after initial start. During post processing one can play with colors using hue saturation adjustment layers or selective color adjustment layers in photoshop. Sometimes I love to add motion blur effect to add some mood to the images. (as in freedom image no : 6) In some images one can duplicate the original layer & can free transform the layers with different blending modes mostly with darken. 

     If you want to practice on this subject the the word of advice will be keeping on experimenting. I have to still dig into this subject for creating interesting images like using reflection, using papers with different texture & material etc. Once you able to get macro shot with nice graphical shapes your interest will keep on developing. Keen observation & patience is the key for getting good quality shots. 

Ideas about shapes & creation?  
     As I get involved doing paper abstract I found more challenging to form new shapes & add innovative output. I found very little work while online surfing on paper abstract so considering the originality of the subject it also added as a challenge for me. You can see many shapes are inspired from my technical background as shown in images 4, 5 & 7 like
shape of waves like sinusoidal waveform in image paper waveforms, shape of measurement units of electronic component like ohm for resistance in image paper wave or shape of accelerator ring showing synchrotron radiation in image rays. You can also represent some ideas from your professional side for adding variations for keeping on experimenting with.

Image 7 : Rays: For getting this shot I allowed light to fall on the edges of papers only. It give me effect like rays from the firework. Again the idea for this shot came from my technical side the pattern resembling to an accelerator ring emitting synchrotron radiation. EXIF: 100mm, f/8, 1/4sec, ISO 400

Image 8 : Feminine: In this image I see figure resembling to a feminine shape like a blank face with hair line on curves. I choose the sepia tone to add earthen feel to the image. EXIF: 100mm, f/4, 1/8sec, ISO 250
Image 9: y : This is the image showing how curves can add delicate feel to the images making them more interesting. EXIF: 100mm, f/8, 1/8 sec, ISO 1250

     Some times I get clue about representing some idea using the paper abstract whereas most of the time I keep myself engaged playing with arranging the papers with various combination of colors & shapes. I may not be able to reproduce exact shape as I have captured earlier again in some images because many times I arrange it randomly.. It's all about keeping on experimenting & enjoying the work.
     The interesting part of the abstract work is you are free to compose the images giving importance to graphical elements. I tried to represent my perspective for each image but everybody can interpret image in his own perspective. You can find shapes resembling to various other elements mostly to the thing you are used to in your daily life.

What's Next ?

    That's really interesting question for me, what's Next? Well there is no end to creativity as long as we follow it passionately. I keep asking myself this question for adding variations in the work Meanwhile I tried to add the element of paper in natural environment but still to do more interesting on that. I will keep on experimenting with this subject as long as I enjoy working on it or get attracted by another interesting subject..that's the way a hobbyist photographer leaves his life. 

     Thanks again for your lot of appreciation & feedback. I  can not express my gratitude for taking your time to leave feedback. You can follow my work on paper abstract at the links given below : 
Paper abstract on Flickr

Paper Abstract Published Work

I am so overwhelmed the way my work on paper abstract work is getting appreciation from all around. Honestly I didn't expected such a success for this work. As an artist I am really loving it & which artist didn't wish appreciation for his work?

I really enjoyed every bit of working while shooting these beautiful subject. I am more happy to share with you all the publications listed below were initiated by the publishers.

Digital SLR Photography_June 2012

The image "Paper Waveform" was been published in the magazine under Reader Showcase in "Digital SLR Photography" June 2012. This is one of the leading photography Magazine in UK.

Published in Composition magazine

I am again excited to share with you all that my image "Golden Arc" was published in the Composition magazine.

As per the note of their editor to me before publication "Composition magazine is a web based magazine (PDF format) based in Israel. In every issue we publish our top ten photos of the month, these photos are meticulously selected by our editorial board"

You can have a look at this site if interested at :
Can get a download at:

On Assignment Published

My article on paper abstract has been published in the section of on assignment in the 15th annual edition of Betterphotography Magazine June 2012.

I am thankful to all my followers & appreciators for keep me encouraging for doing work & sharing with you all.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

BPOY 2011

I am really excited to share with you all that I was selected as category winner for Still Life: The obvious Things in the annual photo contest conducted by India's leading photography Magazine "Better photography".

My attached image Paper Swan was selected as winner in the still life. In the category "Joy of color" another image "Rainbow Twirl" was nominated in final 6 whereas "Paper Waveform was shortlisted in top 20 images.

It was overwhelming to see my work on paper abstract being appreciated so highly especially considering around 70,000 entries from all over India.
The eight category winners were invited to Mumbai & were offered the challenge to photo shoot in Mumbai on the theme of "Spirit of Mumbai". I was supposed to shoot for 4 days & submit 10 individual images & 8-12 images in series for photo essay. Though I didn't able to turn that for grabbing overall winner award among 8 I was happy enough to get opportunity to shoot the Mumbai for 4 days.
I just can't express in words the thrill & feel of the overall face-off session, sleepless nights, endless opportunity to shoot in Mumbai ..!

The day I come to know I have to fly to Mumbai for face-off session I was eager to meet other 7 category winners & participants for this contest. What's more I was excited to know I was going to share room with Baiju Patil one of the great wildlife photographer from India for 4 days. I really thank him for co-operating so well & giving me excellent tips. Honestly I invested this opportunity to learn more from him than entirely focusing on the contest.

It was excellent experience to understand the work from each photographer & understand their perspective towards photography. I was really touched by their work & it was interesting to see how each photographer having their individuality & way to see the life.
Nilesh Bhange accepts the Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2011 award for the category 'Still Life: Obvious Things' from photographers Ian Pereira, Girish Mistry and Vikesh Ramchandani, Asst Director, National Retail Division, Canon India. 

It was honor to share some time with India's legend photographer Raghu Rai & getting refreshing inspiring positive energy. The way he speaks keeps you to isolate from the rest of world & start feeling the things around you. Receiving appreciation from great persons like Girish Mistry, Hari Mahidhar & Indranil Mukherjee was enough to boost the confidence for putting more hard work towards photography. 

The team of Better photography main editor K Madhavan Pillai (Editor of Better Photography,) & Senior Features Writer Raj Lalwani & Neha Mutreja was kind enough to guide us at every step 24x7.

It was great experience to see & feel the Mumbai through the lens of my camera. The spirit of the people is commendable especially after seeing most of things might not be in favor of  them may be it the area of Dharavi, Dhobi ghat or high society area. Everybody is trying to match them with the speed of city.

I will also like to mention that the photograph "Paper Waveforms was also shortlisted (Top 30) in the international photo contest conducted by Digital Camera World Photographer Of The Year 2011 for the category Creative License.

Update on: 10/2/2012
A small publication about my work in local newspaper "Nai-Dunia" in Indore.
Link: Indore_Nai Dunia

Update on : 22/2/2012
Two shows were showcased on CNBC TV-18 on 18th Feb @3:30 pm & 19th Feb 5:30 pm. These shows can be seen at : BPOY 2011 on CNBC TV-18

I will like to thank all my friends & family for encouraging me time to time & appreciating my work!